2016/05 - Are You Antivirus Savvy ?


123,000,000 unique malicious objects detected by just one security advisor in a single year
Do you know the difference between a Virus, Trojan or Worm
Is that email attachment or link safe to open
How does OscarPOS protect new systems
What can you do to keep your system safe


"It is easy to dodge our responsibilities,

but we cannot dodge the consequences

for dodging our responsibilites"


Joshua Charles Stamp


Do you use the internet ?

Do you plug a USB drive into your PC ?

Do you plug your phone into your computer ?

Do you open documents containing macros ?


We all hear about viruses, trojans and worms


But what are they and more importantly, what are you doing  to protect your computer and what is often your income stream ?


    A virus is an insidious piece of programming code that attacks your computer through infected data files, introduced into the system via disks, usb drives or the internet

    A trojan is similar to a virus, except that it does not replicate itself. Often sneaking in attached to a free game or other supposedly worthwhile utility, a trojan remains in the computer doing damage

    A worm is a self replicating computer programme that penetrates an operating system with the intent of spreading malicious code

Sometimes you will get a mix of all three in one dose, but there is one common thing about all of them ...

You do not want or need any of them



Do not rely totally on ANY antivirus programme

Whether it is FREE or paid for !

Unfortunately no antivirus programme is going to stop everything

The only way to do that is to completely isolate your PC from external sources

YOU need to be proactive when it comes to keeping your money making PC in top shape - free from trojans, worms and viruses
  • Enable Windows updates
  • Keep AVAST! definitions up to date
  • Always use the latest version of any software
  • Do NOT use Internet Explorer ... choose one that has tighter control over things like ActiveX ... OscarPOS pre-install Firefox, but Chrome or AVAST! Safezone are also recommended ( Installing AdblockPlus is a great idea ) ( Microsoft Edge is the new kid on the block and has a long way to go before it can be classed as a browser )
  • Read what you are installing BEFORE ticking the box or clicking <ok>
  • Don't be fooled by "SpeedUp My PC", "Driver Installer", "Cool Web Search"" and other useless software ... these are nothing but bloatware and will only hijack your browser, spam you with unsolicited pop up messages, redirect you to unwanted and potentially harmful sites, ...
  • Do not click any link or button, especially in an email, that you do not know ... hover your mouse over the link and see where it is really sending you. Check out the end of the real URL ... if it ends in .php or .exe send it to the delete folder


Some Useful links

That take you to the correct place

But you are going to make sure ... right ?????


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