2016/09 - How Does a UPS Help Protect My Valuable POS ?


How Does a UPS Help Protect My Expensive POS ?

A UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) has internal batteries to ensure that continuous power is provided to your equipment even during a power outage. Of course the UPS can only provide power for a short while, typically a few minutes, but that is often enough to ride out power company glitches or brief outages. Even if the outage is longer than the battery life of the UPS, it provides the opportunity to shutdown your equipment properly.

Blackouts and brownouts can also ruin data saved on the hard drive; of course, any work in progress is lost if the lights blink for a moment and you are not connected to a UPS.

Restaurants are particularly susceptible to power issues due to the heavy equipment often used in the kitchens, but problems can occur anywhere at anytime. You may only be a small retail outlet ... but what is the guy next door, or the welder down the block, doing ?


Help - My UPS Has Blown Up !


Experience has shown me that the biggest "killer" of computer hardware is spikes and surges.

Spikes occur when lightning strikes a transformer. Surges occur when high-powered electrical motors are turned off, releasing extra voltage into the line. Spikes and surges can damage many components including the monitor, motherboard, hard drives or processor.

A UPS will more often than not be able to smooth out that spike - if it can't handle the spike it may have a trip circuit - or it may just sacrifice itself by absorbing the spike. If the UPS sacrifices itself, I am happy - replacing a UPS is measured in hundreds of dollars, but the equipment it has just protected is usually in the thousands of dollars.



UPS are Not Created Equally


There are 3 main types of UPS are commonly used for PC protection

Offline / Standby
More properly called SPS ( Standby Power Supplies ), will offer the most basic features - typically surge protection and battery backup. Your equipment, although plugged into the UPS, is connected directly to the mains power. Circuitry inside the UPS will switch in and out of the line. This switch over time is measured in milliseconds and is generally enough to provide no "objectionable" dip or brownout to your devices. ( Pictured at top of page )

A Line Interactive UPS "sits" between the mains and your equipment. Under / Over voltages are continuously being monitored and adjusted. In the event of complete mains power loss, the internal batteries are switched inline and are used to provide power to you equipment. ( Pictured above )

The internal batteries are ALWAYS inline so that no switching needs to occur.

There are other topologies and for those who want some light reading please see this WIKI article


Delta VX Series UPS

Reliable power protection for small business and home office applications

This month, OscarPOS are offering the Delta VX line-interactive UPS series at better than online prices.

Designed with microprocessor control the Delta VX Series offer reliable and cost-effective power protection for PCs, monitor, POS, and other sensitive electronics used in home offices and small businesses. The integrated Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) ensures all electronics are receiving stable power while providing higher availability. The Agilon VX series’ LCD display, auto-shutdown software and other superior features make these units perfect for your data protection.


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Prices firm untl 30th September, 2016

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OscarPOS will also give a 2 year RTB ( return to base ) manufacturers warranty - our competitors are only offering you a 1 year warranty.

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