2017/01 - Hardware Upgrade $0.00 Upfront

January 2017 Hardware Upgrade

There are many POS systems out there still using operating systems that are no longer supported by Microsoft.

One of these is XP which, although support for XP has ended, minimal support is still being offered for the POSReady09 variant ( Which of course you know as you have read my well written and critically un-acclaimed newsletter @ http://oscarpos.com.au/content/june-2016-windows-xp-end-life ).

While OscarPOS will continue to run on XP for the near future, we are already noting issues with some 3rd party software providers ... even on the POS09 variant !

PCAT Technology

This month, we are offering you a choice of two current POS terminals, running POSReady07 ( basically windows 7 ) designed for the Point of Sale market.

Both have a commercial grade PCAP Touch Screen ( Projected Capacitive Touch ) and are more than capable of handling the rigours of frequent use.

Unlike the older style Resistive Touch screens, PCAP screens will not dent and / or create dead spots.

PCAP also means they are bezel free – no recessed edges to trap dust and dirt – and are very water resistant as a result.

The screen of the POS is basically a sheet of glass !

Bob  Marley is Jammin

Let's update that old printer while we are at it. The GT-100 Direct Thermal Printer packs a lot into its small and sleek footprint ( 13.1cmx15.5cm ).

  • USB / Serial / Ethernet ( with a WiFi option too ! )
  • Auto cutter rated at 1.5million cuts
  • Thermal Print Head rated for 150km
  • Auto Feed rated at 70 million lines
  • Print Speed of 250 mm per second
  • 80mm or 58mm wide Paper Roll
  • Multiple drivers available ( POSReady, Windows, OPOS, JPOS, Linux, Mac, Android,...)

Want to use it as a kitchen printer ? Sure thing – I can even make it go <beep> for noisy environments.

Money, Get Into My Cash Draw

How is that cash draw looking ? A bit old and tired ? Broken coin holder and worn out note springs ?

The GC36BL is a good solid heavy duty full size cash drawer ( 420mm*425mm*110mm ) with a polished metal front and 2 media slots.

If you are stuck for space, there is the GC-100FD in ivory with a brushed stainless steel FLIP top. Designed to be space saving you still have plenty of room for 5 notes ( stacked vertically ) and 8 coin boats.

Both have an internal 24volt solenoid with an RJ12 draw kick ( DK ) connector for automatic operation.

And we can organise this for you with $0.00 upfront and no repayment for 4 weeks*


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The ever present small text :

POS hardware pricing available when ordered online.
Peripheral hardware pricing available when ordered as part of an online POS hardware purchase.
Pricing valid until 28th February 2017 or while stocks last.
Drop shipped into Perth with area covering Mandurah to Joondalup, West Swan to Fremantle for $30.00.
All other areas will need to be quoted on ( We have shipping available from most Australian capital cities ).
Hardware will work with OscarPOS but you will need to confirm with your software supplier for other software compatability / suitability.
Hardware and Operating System only.
Remote and onsite support available.
$0.00 upfront with no repayment for 4 weeks is available when financed through Axsess Today