2017/07 - EFT Surcharging - Tyro Introduces Dynamic Surcharging

EFTPOS Surcharges

Ban Against Excessive Surcharges

Enforcing the Ban

Deadline 1st September 2017

Included & Excluded Payment Types

How to Get it Right - Every Time


Recovering Merchant Service Fees

What Are Excessive Surcharges

When Does it Become Law

In today's fast paced society the majority of customers are paying by EFTPOS

This is great for the customer and the CSR - especially when you have a fast & integrated ETPOS solution

But the merchant service fees can form a significant barrier to the business owner

Sometimes the MSFs are absorbed by the business completely

Sometimes the retail price will include an allowance for these fees

Other times the business owner will set a minimum EFTPOS sale value, or charge a surcharge - either as a percentage or a flat rate

Probably as a result of airlines etc charging excessive EFTPOS fees, on 25th February 2016 it became illegal for "large businesses" to charge more than what it costs that business to take the payment

From 1st September 2017, this law will apply to ALL businesses

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What Card is Being Used

Most cards look alike

Is the customer using a debit, credit or prepaid card type ?

Is it Visa, Mastercard or Amex ?

Maybe it is a plain old debit card

Is it a "basic" no frills card ?

Perhaps it has all the bells and whistles and attracts a higher merchant charge

Maybe it is a card that the RBA says is not covered by the ban

Tyro & Dynamic Surcharging

Tyro have made it easy for you to apply an "acceptable" surcharge

It doesn't matter if you use OscarPOS, are integrated into your POS solution or operate standalone

Using your Tyro Merchant Portal, you can set a surcharge for each card type

To make it even easier, Tyro looks at your card mix and recommends the setting for each card type

You can optionally recover any termnal rental fee as well
  • CSRs don't need to know the card type or what rate to apply to different cards
  • No value judgements
  • Recover what you are rightly owed
  • Minimise complaints on over charging
  • Don't leave yourself open to hefty fines




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