2017/10 - Streamline Account Payments

Complex Problems Do Not Have to Have Complex Solutions

The OscarPOS Experience
We consciously made the decision to move to a SAAS model of providing a POS application.

This has many advantages when it comes to support and distribution, but could have been an administrative nightmare with end user payments.
We were introduced to a company called EziDebit.
Direct Debit Experts

We need to state here, that OscarPOS are not affiliated with, nor do we receive any monetary "kick back" from EziDebit.

OscarPOS just want to share how easy it has been to setup and use the service provided by EziDebit.

"Ezidebit is one of the simplest ways to save timeimprove your cash flow and attract new business. Our easy-to-use Direct Debit, BPAY and E-Commerce solutions take care of collecting payments for you, so you can focus on growing your business."



Online Web Forms
With a very easy to use interface, we have created 2 online forms :

 One Time Secure Payment.

 Set up a Recurring Payment.

Our invoices and activity statements have also been updated with these payment options.
Our Customer Experience
With our SAAS model, licenses and support fees may be due monthly, quarterly, six monthly or yearly.

By using these  Online Web Forms and setting up a periodic direct debit, our customers are guaranteed a smooth business experience.

If you think you can benefit from using their services, either as an OscarPOS customer or EziDebit  user, please check them out and see how easy it has been for us.