2018/04 - Tap N Save

Government Deadline

Tap & Save least Cost Routing

Save up to 30% on MSFs

Minimise Electronic Processing Cost Automatically


Tyro First-to-Market Ahead of Government Deadline on Contactless Payments

Tyro Yomani Pinpad


Tap & Save Automatic Least Cost Routing

Did  you know that when you Tap & Go using an enabled Debit Card, that it is treated as a Credit Card ? The merchant also gets charged the Credit Card rate as a Merchant Service Fee !

If the merchant is using Dynamic Surcharging, you are charged the Credit Cart Rate for using your Debit Card !

Well ahead of the recommendation by the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Economics, Tyro has released "Tap & Save Least Cost Routing".

Tap & Save is available to existing and new merchants right now 

As a business operator, you want fast and accurate cared processing - at the least cost

You do not have the time to check each card that gets presented

When integrated with OscarPOS Software, most of the time you don't even see the customers card !

Let your Tyro PinPad do all the hard work and find you the least cost

Combine Tap & Save with Dynamic Surcharging and your customer also benefits from least cost routing

Geek Alert ! I just couldn't resist that one :)

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