2018/05 - Make Your Dollars Count THIS Financial Year

3 Types of People

Make Your Purchase Count

Write Off This Financial Year



There are 3 types of people in the world

Those who can count

And those who cannot

If you buy an asset by 30 June and it costs less than $20,000.00 the ATO are allowing you to write off the business portion in your 2018 tax return


This is a great financial incentive for the eligible business owner and a great boost for our economy

Some ideas ....

     Create or Update your website

     New or upgraded kitchen equipment

     Fit out you new or existing restaurant with the latest tables

     Get those new computers you have been looking at

While the latest Federal budget has a proposal to extend this offer for another year, currently the write off will be reduced to $1000.00 from 1 July 2018


*as always, we are not financial planners and you should always refer to your accountant for your eligibility 

Make Sure You Can Count - We Have Lots of Ideas