2018/06 - Super Drop Ship Paper & Ribbon Prices

The Cost of Producing Bond & Thermal Paper Set to Rise

Dear Customers

Please be advised that there will be a phased in price increase applied to thermal paper & bond paper products commencing from July 2018. 

OscarPOS is committed to supporting our customers and our goal is to keep any price increase to a minimum. Regrettably, due to continuing rises in costs for pulp and other raw materials, especially leuco dye (ODB2), we have been notified of cost increases on thermal paper & bond paper by our suppliers.

As existing stocks are depleted, OscarPOS will need to review the pricing of bond & thermal paper on an item by item basis.

Discounted Prices Firm Until 30th June 2018

AHA Expo 2018

Prices firm until 30th June, 2018

Please note the need for minimum quantities to achieve this special pricing

Please note that all prices include GST and are Drop Shipped ONLY

Prices are prepaid unless charged to an approved 14 day account receivable

*Freight is calculated at $15.00 per 5 cartons to a range that covers Mandurah to Clarkson, Fremantle to Swan Valley West