Vexilor POS by Givex

Vexilor POS by Givex

Vexilor Overview


Vexilor is the POS system developed by Givex, which utilizes the power of the same cloud based platform currently processing data in over 300,000 installations in 55 countries worldwide.


Vexilor was born from the need of enterprise businesses frustrated with Legacy POS systems that were unable to adapt quick enough to the increasing need for smart customer engagement programs, and more efficient operations. Combine that with the increased demand by CEOs for relevant data that can be used to instantly understand, predict and generate actionable insights for the company, and it’s easy to see why Vexilor continues its success globally.

Vexilor V10 Retail Tablet

Vexilor V10 Restaurant Tablet

Vexilor’s Android-based tablets are also manufactured exclusively for Givex, to ensure the same quality and service our customers have enjoyed with us over the last 16 years.


The V10 Tablet POS is designed to be mountable and works as a powerful fixed workstation. It has a built-in camera for scanning barcodes and QR codes. Redeeming coupons for gift and loyalty are just as easy to use.

vexilor 7inch Tablet POS

Designed to be mobile, the compact V7 tablet uses WiFi. Staff can place orders from anywhere on-site. Data is routed immediately to production printers and/or payment terminal.

Vexilor Vhub

VHub is the brains of the operation. The VHub compiles and stores data from the tablets which is then synchronised with our remote host "cloud" in real-time via the internet. Your POS works even when the internet goes down. Tablets will communicate with VHub and once the internet connection is re-established, VHub will sync again with the cloud. VHub keeps the entire Vexilor system running and is the brain and hardware behind features like Vexilor's real-time capabilities, events-based notifications, and allowing operators to pick up an order where they left off on a different POS.

Vexilor POS Peripherals

Vexilor was designed to work with a variety of industry leading peripherals including cash draws, printers, mounting equipment, payment terminals, barcode scanners, scales, bump stations, and more ...


Vexilor Operational Efficiency  Vexilor Embedded Marketing  Vexilor Actionable Data

Operational Efficiency

• Faster operations

• Complete on-location system redundancy

• Built-in time management

• Intuitive, industry-specific workflows for increased efficiency

• Multilingual interfaces


Complete System Security

• Certified PCI level 1

• Daily data backups & replication

• 24/7 systems monitoring & Support


Customer Engagement & Relationship Management

• Access marketing tools right on your POS

• Advanced automated discounting

• Omni-channel stored value cards

• Loyalty programs

• Customer facing interactive screens


Business Critical Data

• 250+ Reports + Best of Breed Analytics

• Dashboards for at a glance view of specific location information


Vexilor Workflows for Restaurant Retail Quick Serve

Vexilor is customised to specific industries and features tools, reports, workflows and functions designed for the way your business works, Unlike other POS systems, Vexilor can also be further customised for specialised requirements.

Vexilor Inventory Control and Multi-Store

Vexilor gives you in-depth inventory control. Track multi-store inventory in real-time, measure your theoretical stock based on your sales, receive and transfer and update inventory in-store or online perform inventory counts - all on your POS. Automatically reorder depleted inventory with Vexilor's built in low inventory thresholds and purchasing module.

Vexilor Hardware made for Doing Business


Vexilor runs on proprietary hardware and software custom developed and manufactured for business environments by Givex. Vexilor tablets run on a custom built Android OS using a thin client front end and our ecosystem is secure and dedicated to its business purpose. Front-line staff and business owners worked closely with Givex in developing Vexilor to ensure a solution built to meet each industry's unique needs and challenges.


Testimonials for Vexilor & Givex :

"As we grow Vexilor POS grows with us. It allows us to have the wide range of features typically associated with a legacy POS system at a fraction of the cost. Its sleek design fits in well with our cafe decor while its extensive features can tell us inventory levels as they deplete or how one location is doing compared to another." Veni Chorafitis, Founder, Mr Espresso.

"With Givex automating many aspects of the program, it was easy for franchisees to push gift cards and reap the benefits."Wendy's.

"Vexilor serves as the perfect all-in-one solution for our POS, reporting and gift card program. It was easy to train staff on the new system and has created operational efficiencies for our business. The remote access of portal combined with Vexilor’s built-in reporting tools has freed up executive time, so we can focus on other areas of business development." Bob Macey, IT Manager, Lone Star Group.

"Service, knowledge, and ease of working with Givex has been exemplary. Givex has always been quick to be available, and happy to work towards solutions that fit our business. Givex kept us in the loop at all stages of development and implementation, and we were grateful for their dedication in rolling out our program." General Manger of Cinema, Reading Cinema.

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