OscarPOS for Grocery & Convenience

OscarPOS for Grocery and Convenience

As handling a large number of customers efficiently is critical to the success of grocery and convenience stores OscarPOS is tailored for the grocery store environment and will help you facilitate customer checkouts and manage your inventory. A revolution in grocery Point-of-Sales solutions, OscarPOS provides your business with the ability to keep up with high volume trade with ease.

OscarPOS is a fully integrated and real-time point of sale system keeping you up-to-date with everything you need to make better, more informed, business decisions. With increased efficiency and organisation both on the floor and behind the counter OscarPOS helps you maximise your profitability.

In addition to letting cashiers quickly scan, weigh and ring up any item in your store, OscarPOS will help you keep track of inventory stock, automate purchase orders, determine best and worst sellers, use Gift Cards and loyalty plans, and manage your employees’ hours and wages.

Our LCD customer information screen means your customers can see their sale being entered, receipt descriptions are very clear and even regular customers can be remembered with their order patterns and be greeted by their names.  Less mistakes and staff focused on service and not just the transaction mean happier customers!

Flatbed and omni-directional barcode scanners allow you to scan a barcode at any angle, and barcode printing software allows you to print your own barcode labels for items that don’t come with their own.

You have the security of a local support team to look after both your hardware and software. 24/7 support and our Remote access capability makes sure your POS systems are fully operational and up to date at all times.

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