OscarPOS for Bars, Pubs & Clubs

OscarPOS for Bars, Pubs and Clubs

OscarPOS for Bars Pubs & Clubs


Running a bar, club or pub can be hard work, so it’s good to know that OscarPOS can help.

How can OscarPOS help?


Add products to a sale quickly and accurately

OscarPOS Barorder Main Screen

OscarPOS’s advanced user friendly Touch screen interface means your staff will spend more time looking after your customers, and maximising the customer dollar spend, rather than wasting time trying to look up products on the till (Or even trying to remember prices). Large uncluttered interface with large invoice total and change.

OscarPOS FastKeys On Main Screen

FastKeys of commonly sold products directly on the main screen

OscarPOS GroupKeys On Main Screen

Group similar items on the main screen for quick access

OscarPOS Button Images

Large buttons with images to easily find a product

OscarPOS Configurable QuickPay

Configurable "Quick Pay" buttons

Configurable High Contrast Large Buttons Ideal for Dark Clubs and Old Eyes

Configurable High Contrast Buttons are Ideal for Dark Venues and Old Eyes

OscarPOS Manage Restaurant from the Bar

Send current sale to a Table, Bar Tab or Function

Manage the restaurant from the Bar

OscarPOS Preset and Free Text Order Comments

Add a Preset Message or Free Text comment

Security via Macros / MSR / RFID

Access rights to OscarPOS can be controlled and limited, so only managers or supervisors can perform critical tasks such as giving refunds, recording wastage, changing prices or even running end of day/week/month and yearly reports. Additionally if necessary the sales of the every single staff member can be recorded to measure their performance (for example if you wish to pay commissions- Staff performance report is available)

OscarPOS Security Macros

Create unlimited Security Macros so that you decide which staff have access to which functions.

OscarPOS Security with MSR and RFID

Don't remember complex paswords. Use Magnetic Swipe Cards & Readers or RFID tags or watches. RFID watches are ideal for bar staff and wet areas. Utilise the MSR / RFID readers to implement a customer loyalty scheme.

Stock Control

The alcohol on your shelf and in your store room is very valuable and it is worth a lot of money. OscarPOS can help you manage every drop very easily. You can easily track the stock levels and conduct regular stock takes. Additionally OscarPOS’s gives you the ability to work out Gross Profits.

OscarPOS Stock Control

Create a complex template that contains all of your buying and selling quantities for a product line ( eg On Tap Beer ). Optionally link the selling units to an onscreen Group. Now you can add a new product just by selecting the template to use and adding the product name ( eg Asahi ). OscarPOS will create all of your buying and selling Products, as well as your stock denominations, along with correct conversion units, and put them into the correct onscreen group. OscarPOS will keep track of your inventory by the millilitre with a cost to 4 decimal points.

Recipes for cocktails (and anything) are very easy generated, so the stock levels and gross profits can be easily maintained in all the cases.

Bar Tabs & Functions can be Pre-Paid or Post-Paid

OscarPOS Bar Tabs can be Pre-Paid or Post-Paid with Images

Bar tab is a real hassle for many many point of sale software systems currently available in the world. Many people are wary about handing over their credit cards, and what do you do if there are insufficient funds? (Or they just run away). OscarPOS allows you to easily run prepaid bar tab cards. The customer does not need to leave their credit card behind and the money is taken from the card when the tab is created. These are also implemented with contactless smart cards, and are easy to use.

OscarPOS Functions can be Pre-Paid or Post-Paid with Images

Additionally you can run functions that don’t have to be prepaid (e.g. For corporate functions). Staff will be informed every time drinks are added to the function what the current balance is,When the account balance owing, exceeds the threshold level, the bar staff would be able to take the appropriate action.

EFTPOS Integration

Tyro Yomani Integrated EFTPOS terminal / EFTPOS machine

OscarPOS natively integrates with internet based Tyro EFTPOS payment solutions. This means it can take only a few seconds to finalise a sale by EFTPOS, and be very cost effective as it does not incur any phone call charges.

With Tyro there are no hidden costs, lock-in contracts, set-up, admin or break fees and their merchant service fees are transparent. You can take payments from all major EFTPOS, credit and debit cards including American Express, Apple Pay and UnionPay.

OscarPOS can optionally integrate into bank supplied pinpads using PCEFTPOS.

Remote Management

Want to go on holiday? Just take your laptop computer with you and go. You will be able to see how your business is performing in real time from anywhere in the world, and you can also perform all of your back of office functions. We have many clients who have never taken time off as they could not leave their business for any length of time, are now taking time off 2 or 3 times a year, and are going to places where they’ve never been before, and are still be in full control of their business.


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