OscarPOS for Restaurants & Cafes

OscarPOS for Restaurants and Cafes

Whether you run a fine dining restaurant, a coffee shop, or a fast food café, a single outlet or a multi-store operation, OscarPOS can tailor a POS solution that is affordable and will deliver a rapid return on your investment.

Maximising your profitability comes down to efficiency and organisation both on the floor and behind the counter. OscarPOS is a revolution in Point of Sales solutions, providing your business with the ability to keep up with high volume trade with ease. OscarPOS is a fully integrated and real-time point of sale system that assists you in running your business efficiently and profitably.

When speed and accuracy is crucial in delivering top notch service, OscarPOS combines cash register simplicity with reliable back office features. Easy to train new or part time staff on, it makes your staff instantly effective and also gives you a comprehensive picture of your business activities from anywhere, at anytime. OscarPOS provides you with powerful information and a host of features to promote your business and make the right business decisions.

Better tools mean better service

In a busy food-service environment, you need tools that do more than simply take orders and process bills. You need systems that help you track sales, update menus and prices easily, reduce room for human error and enable better service for your customers.

Whether you have a single outlet or a multi-store operation, with OscarPOS it is easy to see where profits and losses are being made. This gives owners and managers the ability to finely tune their business, making the changes they need to rapidly improve their bottom line.

With our popular wireless, hand held PDAs, floor staff are able to serve customers as soon as they walk through the door. With no need to remember daily menu specials or carry pen and paper – and with promotion and up and cross selling prompts in their hands – everything staff need for great service is right at their fingertips. Orders are sent to the kitchen instantly and chances for error are all but eliminated.

Better tools mean a better business

Tracking what’s hot and what’s not on your menu with OscarPOS’ high-end functionality, changes to staffing levels, stock management and customer database capabilities, are just the beginning of what we can offer your business.

Easily up-scalable to multi-location or franchise scenario allows increased productivity for your business across the board. With the ability to access OscarPOS online, staff rostering, stock orders and other business processes can occur outside the office… ensuring you can take a holiday once in a while and stay in touch and still be in control!

Now available OscarPOS Elegant Android PDA

OscarPOS elegant is a first of its kind native app for Android Tablets to be used by the waiter to take the order at the table. The fact that it is native means that the application works in the same way as other applications for Android Smartphones.

*Many of your staff already have experience with the user interface
*Is able to use native user interface elements such as kinetic scrolling and native screen keyboards
As a native application OscarPOS Elegant is able to use native power management in the device to maximise battery life.
Temporary wifi network outages don’t stop it from working. The software is able to silently reconnect in the background.
A large range of Android devices and available (and there will be more in the future). So you have an extensive range of possible hardware.
The screens are bright and easy to read. Some of the biggest electronics companies in the world are working on this and we are happy to take advantage of their work.
You can take takeaway and delivery orders in addition to using OscarPOS Elegant as a waiter ordering device.you can use it as an overflow terminal.

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