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OscarPOS is Customer FriendlyOscarPOS is User FriendlyOscarPOS is Management Friendly

You will love OscarPOS.

OscarPOS is the perfect point of sale solution for hospitality or retail businesses!
Sophisicated stock control, management of stores remotely, portable data terminals for table ordering, reporting on sales and staff.

EFTPOS integration between OscarPOS, XERO, MYOB, Reckon, etc

NMI approved weighing scale integration ( NMI Certification S649 )

Split Billing

Barcode scanning

Fully configurable interface

Remote management

Comprehensive reporting

1000's of satisfied long term users Australia wide

24/7/365 Australian technical support

All this and more for a very affordable price.

OscarPOS Production Priinters for Kitchen Barista BarOscarPOS Android Tablet for Taking OrdersOscarPOS Has More Than 140 Management & User Reports

OscarPOS systems are extremely efficient.

This well researched software program was written in house by University qualified professionals who are Directors of the company. Due to the “Object orientation” and “Agile programming” design philosophy used right throughout the program, OscarPOS can very easily be configured to accommodate different customer needs. The software is written in such a way that the system can be easily extended in ways not originally foreseen. OscarPOS systems utilise the very best in technology (eg the very stable and fast SQL server database and secure true wi-fi). The touch screen is fast operating and uses only the highest quality, most reliable hardware available. The logical menu/product structure is simple and easy to understand. Price changes as well as the addition and deletion of menu items are easy to perform and can be implemented in minutes.There is an increased efficiency in the use of staff through the OscarPOS Elegant Android Tablet. Once the order is taken on the tablet it goes straight to the kitchen, as well as the POS, and the order is presented in the bill. Ordering is streamlined, which eliminates double entry and leaves more time for customer service. The tablet can also prompt the waiter to suggest items.

There is real time inventory control with the facility of multiple locations and multiple stores. Customer accounts, bar tabs and happy hours can be set up easily ahead of time, eliminating physical calculations.

OscarPOS Integrates to EFTPOSOscarPOS Integrates to Scanner & Scale CombinationsOscarPOS Integrates to Fuel Forecourt Controllers

OscarPOS systems have a low cost of ownership.

This is because our systems are reliable and our ongoing support costs are extremely reasonable, and are included in our Platinum membership. Our use of high quality hardware means our customers are not burdened with high maintenance fees after their purchase. Total cost of ownership of an average POS system, and the majority of the costs over the life of the system are related to reliability, serviceability, manageability, and environmental costs. Therefore the cost of additional services and support are a major contributor to the overall cost of a system and as such, OscarPOS is committed to maintaining affordable support 24/7/365 using different platforms, and service for all its customers. Most systems come with a period of Platinum Support for FREE ! Our Add-On support structure is very transparent, and there are no hidden costs.

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OscarPOS systems come with great support.

The OscarPOS support team work around the clock to ensure that your system is always running smoothly. We understand most businesses don’t work 9 to 5 and neither do we! The majority of problems encountered are easily fixed and totally unrelated to our product. Such problems include printer jams or networking issues. Thanks to the internet we support all of our customers via smart remote service programs. So while we are based in Perth, it doesn’t matter whether you are located just around the corner or in Joondalup, Perth, Albany or on the Gold Coast Queensland, your location is irrelevant to the premium level of support you receive.

The OscarPOS Programming and Development Team of dedicated and highly trained professional engineers give OscarPOS a major advantage in quickly and updating the software. Onsite support is also provided and regular maintenance of your equipment is performed by OscarPOS technical staff to ensure your equipment is always operating as it should be – minimising down time and ensuring continuous operation.

  • OscarPOS is very easy to use

  • OscarPOS is very easy to learn and understand

  • OscarPOS has many useful analytical reports, which would put you the owner in full control of your business

  • OscarPOS is a unique point of sale software, which would give, the business owner all the tools necessary to understand their business to a much greater degree.

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