Tabby POS

Tabby Web POS


Supporting any recent browser on any operating system, Tabby works on Phones, Tablets, iPads, PCs, Macs, Android - even a Kindle.

Tabby will support up to eight screen devices, multiple printers, cash drawers and scanners.
Tabby Tablet and iPAD POS

Internet & APP Free

Tabby does not need an internet connection, you don’t pay a monthly subscription and does not load anything on your device.
Your data is local, always in your control and can be taken home.
Tabby Tablet and iPAD POS

Suits Small Business

Tabby is designed for Retail and Food service businesses.  It has Food service features like Table setups, course management, condiments, meal deals and combos and Retail service features like barcode scanning, stock updating and on-screen stock levels.
Tabby Tablet and iPAD POS

What is Tabby SL ?

Tabby SL is a web-based multi-user POS System, embedded in a small router-like device that can fit in your hand.
Tabby is designed for Hospitality and General Retail businesses.  Tabby comes loaded with a generic data set already programmed for Australian requirements.  You can just follow that setup to finish the programming but if you find it a bit too daunting we can program it for you.  There is one hour of training at our offices included.
Tabby Tablet and iPAD POS

What Device Works Best With Tabby ?

Any device with a modern browser like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, IE or Edge (and probably others) can use Tabby.  Tabby has two screen orientations, one landscape for tablets and one portrait for phones or ‘phablets’.  You can also change the layout, move buttons around, change the appearance.
We recommend you have at least one Windows PC or tablet that you can use with Tabby.  The Tabby utility programs need a Windows computer - these programs are used for backups and device updates.  You can use any PC or Mac, iPad or Android tablet or phone to program and operate Tabby but we can only provide remote support through Windows devices and Macs, not iPad or Android tablets.
Tabby Tablet and iPAD POS

How  Many Terminals Can I Have ?

Tabby supports up to eight simultaneous terminals.  When you buy Tabby it comes with a licence for two terminals and you can buy expansions two terminals at a time.  You can use different types of terminals from day to day.  You can have up to four printers on your Tabby network and these can be Receipt or Kitchen printers and can operate cash drawers as well.
Tabby Tablet and iPAD POS

Can I Use Tabby Multi-Site ?

Yes you can.  Tabby is a network device and you can connect to it over almost any network.  If you get disconnected, when you login again you just pick up your session where you left off.  You can do this with most modern internet routers by setting up a ‘Virtual Private Network’ that securely connects the sites together.  Then you are all on one big private network.  Of course you need internet at all sites to do this AND you still can’t have more than the maximum number of devices, printers and cash drawers on one Tabby.
Tabby Tablet and iPAD POS

Where is my Data ?

Your data is stored inside Tabby on an internal SD card.  You can just unplug Tabby and take it home or you can back it up with the utility software.  Your data never leaves Tabby, is not stored on the internet anywhere - it’s yours!
Tabby Tablet and iPAD POS

What About Integrated EFTPOS ?

Tabby has inbuilt integration to Tyro EFTPOS.  This is a free software integration for all Tabby owners.  You can of course process EFTPOS standalone without Tyro.  Tyro is internet connected so Tabby will need internet to use it.
Tyro Payment Solutions

What About Updates and Support ?

Tabby updates will be advised online as they become available.  Tabby is similarly featured to other Cloud POS’ and is supplied and supported along similar lines.  You can subscribe to a Support Agreement or you can PAYG or you can DIY.  There is a full manual available to you and a User Forum is being established so you can seek crowdsupport and feedback from us.
GT!00 Thermal Printer FLip Top Cash Draw  OPN-2006 Blue Tooth Scanner

Which Printers and Peripherals Can I Use with Tabby ?

Most users will be using their Tablet WIFI. With this in mind, we recommend you use hardwired ethernet or wifi printers installed as "network printers" - This will also save you lots of money over using BlueTooth printers - Unless of course you have a need for a portable printer that can hook onto your belt !
Barcode scanners that are BlueTooth are great time savers - If  you want a "modern" look go for something like the OPN that is about the size of a match box and can hang on a lanyard for easy access.
Most 24volt cash draws will work as they are slaved off the receipt printer - check out the  full size and narrow options, as well as the flip top space saving varieties.
Are you the type of person who changes their ISP frequently ? You may want to invest in a WAP/Router to create a subnet that is dedicated to Tabby. Then when you change your ISP you do not have to reconfigure all your devices and peripherals.
Don't forget about thermal and bond paper, as well as ribbons for DMP kitchen printers.
OscarPOS stock and can source all of these items at very competitive prices.
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